Wonderfully Clueless People Who Forgot We Can See What’s Behind Them

Make sure if you are going to take a selfie then first you should look around your surroundings first.

No one really cares when it comes to selfies they just post it on social media but don’t see what people see in their selfies…..awkward right!

We have compiled some of those funniest selfies take a look below:

Remember reflections will always exist. Let’s hope she’s able to get a good night’s sleep!

She may have lightened her load. But that person certainly wouldn’t want the photo to be shared for public to see.

Most people would simply opt for privacy

Normally when pants are off, people have happier expressions than this guy does.

Subtlety isn’t everyone’s specialty.

This guy is checking out something that kids should not see.

Trains are the worst place to try and be sneaky.

Parent of the year goes to….

Dressed to impress.

Nothing says “sexy” like a whole bunch of dog turds on the floor.

Wait until you get a load of this next one.

He has to be related to that last guy, right?

Welcome to your new favorite Internet sensation: People selling mirrors online.

Would you really want to watch yourself as you use a public toilet?

Don’t try to install a mirror you may just lose your head.

Another guy who’s just trying to sell a mirror…

I like how he took off his shirt, wonder how much he’s asking for it?

Get out of here, Alyssa! I’m trying to sleep!”

Should we tell her where she is?

Nobody wants to watch themselves as they use the restroom.

Come on, people! Have we learned anything!

Did anyone look in a mirror while they were designing these?

How exactly does a mirror work?

It doesn’t look so pretty from behind.

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