These People Asked To Be Roasted And Regretted It Immediately

You won’t believe the things some of these people said when asked to roast others. From funny to insulting to downright outrageous, these comments will make you laugh. How would you roast some of these people?

This poor kid didnt know what was coming.

This guy didn’t have to go so hard but he did.

This is going to play with their minds for the rest of their lives.

#4 Red light means stop

Most people associate red with danger, but anyone who drives will also know it means stop. Stop signs have to be bright enough that drivers can see them in all weather, and it seems as though this girl’s hair could be mistaken for one.

Her hair is pretty bright, and she could well be stopping traffic. It’s probably not what she wanted to hear, but it’s not the most brutal insult ever thrown, and she can always dye her hair another color if it’s getting her down.

Master has given Dobby a sock.



Harry Potter has left the chat.




His brother must be happy.