Models Who Gained Weight Are Sharing Before-And-After Pics To Promote Self-Love

It’s common for people to share their body’s journey through #TransformationTuesday posts, but some models are taking back the hashtag with a body positive message.

Instead of sharing how they lost weight, these models are sharing how gaining weight not only changed their bodies but helped their emotional health, too.

These models have overcome low self-esteem and in some cases, eating disorders, in order to become body-positive ambassadors.
Take a look at their inspiring messages and transformations.

La’Tecia Thomas

Instagram | @lateciat
Plus-size model La’Tecia Thomas revealed that she loathed her body and felt insecure when she was a size six.

Since she’s gained weight and changed her mindset, she has a much more positive relationship with her body.

“I remember how unhappy I was In the picture to the left, I would loathe certain parts of my body,” she wrote.

Instagram | @lateciat
“I had so many insecurities, I compared myself to other women and I lacked confidence.”

Iskra Lawrence

Instagram | @iskra
Iskra Lawrence is one of the most visible body-positive models working right now and is also an Aerie ambassador.

In honor of National Eating Disorder Awareness week, she shared this before-and-after pic that shows her body’s transformation and her journey to self-acceptance.

She explained how body dysmorphia is a mental illness, and that there are ways to reclaim ownership over your own being.

Instagram | @iskra
“I know now that my body is mine and therefore perfectly imperfect and my home to be cherished. Grateful I’m here to tell my story when there are too many lives being lost from this mental illness.”

Allison Kimmey

Instagram | @allisonkimmey
Allison Kimmey shared an important message of self-love and acceptance to her Instagram followers along with these beachy before-and-after pics. This post proves that every body is a bikini body!

“There’s a lot of hate in this world…and people are ready to bring you down at any chance of finally feeling more worthy themselves.”

Instagram | @allisonkimmey
“And there’s something I need you to know: no matter how much you change- your circumstances, your body, your finances, your job, your relationship status – You are worthy of JOY, LOVE, OPPORTUNITY, and probably the most important and least received: RESPECT,” said in an Instagram post.

Dana Patterson

Instagram | @danaisabellaaa
For National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, model and athlete Dana took to her nearly 350k followers to share her story, “I know some people don’t understand why people struggle with or what it’s like, to have an ED or deal with any kind of mental illness.I will tell you from experience, there is nothing like feeling like you are completely out of control of yourself&your mind, or using an ED to try attempt gain some semblance of control back, in a small way.”

“Struggling doesn’t make you weak. An ED is not a choice, but recovery is.”

Instagram | @danaisabellaaa
She continued, “Health is not something that is skin deep or defined by your size. I want you to know that this journey is imperfect, if you are in recovery and you are struggling, you are not alone.”

“I can tell you, this community is here for you. Recovery isn’t just possible, it’s at your fingertips.”

Instagram | @danaisabellaaa
She concluded, “Your weight, your body, your trauma, do NOT have to define you, or the life you live. You are stronger & braver than you could ever imagine & you can overcome anything. Your worth & your beauty are not defined by anything skin deep.”

Tabria Majors

Instagram | @tabriamajors
“A healthy body image, 50 lbs, and 2 double D’s later! I was 170 on the left, 220 now, and can’t believe how much I hated the way I looked 10 years ago,” she wrote.

“Now I’m more in love with my body than I’ve ever been!”

Instagram | @tabriamajors
“Stop self loathing and start self loving #transformationtuesday.”

Ughh, I have such a girl crush on her, tbh!

Aliss Bonython

Instagram | @alissbonyt
This British babe has been an inspiration to thousands while sharing her road to anorexia recovery, “DO WHAT SCARES YOU AND OWN IT. My before recovering from an eating disorder pictures aren’t shocking, you can’t see my ribs, I don’t look skeletal – just unhappy.”

“I’m aware that people can still see that before picture and tell me how much healthier I was, and probably think it’s ‘body goals’ or ‘inspo’ but anorexia nervosa isn’t goals, it isn’t glamorous.”

Instagram | @alissbonyt
“I had problems with my joints from lack of nutrients, heart palpitations, fainting spells and black outs.”

“My skin was always cold and I was broken.”

Instagram | @alissbonyt
“I may have gotten fat, but I’m HAPPY. Never underestimate the importance of mental health.”

Megan Jayne

Instagram | @podyposipanda
Megan Jayne has over one million Instagram followers because of her inspiring commitment to the body-positive movement.

Megan overcame an eating disorder and is educating her fans that healthy bodies come in all sizes.

She shared questions people have asked her, like “‘Wait so you just decided to RUIN your body?'”

Instagram | @podyposipanda
“Nah, I just stopped torturing myself every day for not fitting an image I was never supposed to be,” she explained.

Jolene Jones

Facebook | Jolene Nicole Jones
Former body builder Jolene Jones had a realization that she wasn’t happy. She wrote on Facebook, “A six pack didn’t make me happy. I was never enough and always needing to improve.”

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“Your body is quite LITERALLY the only thing that gets you through this life.”

Instagram | @joleeeenin
“Your worth and joy isn’t weighed by what you can lift or what the scale says,” she continued. Happiness is what matters the most!

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Maggie Greene

Instagram | @maggiegreene
Maggie Greene said she gained between 30-35 pounds over the course of two years, but that her body transformation was an emotional one as well.

Emma O’Neill

Instagram | @emlouisefitness
Model and fitness trainer Emma O’Neill wrote, “I was so unconfident in myself and had unhealthy relationships with food. I never EVER could have imagined that I’d be able to change my body (and my mindset) the way I have, genuinely.”