If He Does These 8 Things With You In The Bedroom, Then You Should Marry Him

A lot of women make the mistake of not taking into consideration a man’s sexual tendencies and performance when deliberating the idea of marriage. The truth is that a lot of marriages really rely on having a healthy and active sex life. Sex is very important for a lot of modern relationships – and to undermine the value of sex in a lifelong romance would be a big mistake. You have to remember that sex is the ultimate manifestation of physical intimacy and passion between two people in a relationship. You are never going to feel as connected to your partner as you would when you’re having sex. And that’s just fact.

So it’s very important that you pay attention to the little habits that your man might have in the bedroom. The way that he treats you in a sexual setting can be a great gauge of how compatible you really are as a couple. It can be a great gauge for how much he really loves you and how much he cares about meeting your personal needs and expectations. And that’s vital in a long-term relationship. If he’s concerned about meeting your personal needs and expectations in the bedroom;

then it’s highly likely that he’s going to do the same in nonsexual settings as well. It’s likely that you have a guy who really understands his responsibility in making sure that you are always happy; and that your needs and expectations are constantly being met. So if you notice that your man is actually willing to do these 8 things for you in the bedroom, then you should probably marry him. He’s definitely a keeper and you shouldn’t let him go.

1. He kisses you a lot.

A kiss is great. Not only is it the most effective way to get two people in the mood; but it’s really the best thing that couples can do with their mouths other than talking to one another. When he really puts a lot of his time and effort into kissing you, then you know that you have a man who genuinely adores you.

2. He never forces you into doing it unless you genuinely want to.

He respects you as a human being. He doesn’t see you as a mere object for sexual pleasure that he can take advantage of whenever he wants. He acknowledges that you are a mature individual who should have full control over what you should do with your body. And he is never going to guilt or pressure you into doing it with him even when you don’t want to.

3. He really takes his time with the foreplay.

He understands that you enjoy foreplay; he also understands that foreplay is only fair because it takes much longer for girls to get aroused than it does with boys. And he’s always going to do his best to make sure that you feel fulfilled and happy during sex. If that means he’s going to have to extend the time for foreplay, he would have no problems doing so.

4. He asks you if he’s doing what you want him to do.

He is constantly making sure that you are an active participant; that you get a say in how the sex turns out. He doesn’t want to be selfish by taking full control all of the time.

5. He lets you rest on his chest when you’re done with the deed.

He wants you to be comfortable. And he is subtly letting you know that you can always find comfort and security in him; that he is always going to be a kind of sanctuary for you.

6. He opens up to you about his sexual fantasies.

It’s not always so easy for men to open up about weird sexual fantasies. There’s still a certain vulnerability involved when you’re choosing to open up about your sexual preferences – even when it’s with someone you’re already in a deep and loving relationship with. And if he is letting himself be vulnerable with you in this sense, that’s always a good sign.

7. He sticks around even after you’re done with it.

Just because he’s done the deed doesn’t mean that he’s done with you. What’s most important with him is that he gets to spend time with you. And so he still chooses to stick around and hang out with you even when you’ve both just done the deed.

8. He puts a lot of effort into making sure that you climax.

This is probably the most important item on this list. He really wants to make sure that he’s not the only one who is having a good time. He wants to make sure that he’s not the only one who “finishes” in the bedroom. He wants to give you a sense of fulfillment as well. He wants to make sure that he is able to bring you to climax so that you don’t end up disappointed or unfulfilled.