9 signs you’ve finally found the guy you’ll marry

This one is for the ladies out there, I’ve done a lot of articles for the fellas recently and wanted to show the ladies some love. This is for all the ladies who’ve been dating someone for a long time now and want to take the next step. If you’ve finally reached that point, I personally congratulate you, it takes a lot of strength and patience to develop that sort of trust with someone that you want to finally tie the knot with them.

It isn’t easy to build and carry a strong and happy relationship, and it’s sheer bliss for those who actually manage to pull it off and hang on till the very end. These are going to be nine of the most common signs that tell you you’ve found the guy you’ll marry. Let’s begin.

1. He’s always just “there”

It’s incredibly hard to find someone who’s just always “there”. Now when I say “there”, I mean both emotionally and physically, more emotionally though. If a guy is always there during your toughest of battles and your happiest of moments, and he’s been in both of them equally and happily, then he definitely is the one you want to be with, even if it’s forever.

People are too shallow these days, they only care about themselves. A lot of people get into relationships because they want something out of them, I’ve seen such examples myself and I’ve always hated such people. But if someone is actually there for you, no matter what you throw at him, he’s here to stay and you know it!

2. He never gets tired of listening to you

I’m a guy and believe me, ladies, we know how much you love to talk, and we aren’t complaining either. Well, a lot of men actually do complain. So, if you’ve found a guy who actually listens to you with all of his attention diverted towards you, it means he truly loves you and is always interested in what you have to say no matter how long of a conversation it becomes, he doesn’t care about the time he only cares about your happiness.

This happens when the guy is patient and loving at the same time, not an easy combination to find but there are still a LOT of guys around who do that.

3. You find yourself being more and more dependent on him

Now when I say “dependent”, I don’t mean completely dependent, I mean dependent in an emotional way. It’s how you feel when you’re happy and the first thought you have is to share the happiness with him otherwise you feel like something’s missing. It’s when you feel sad and you just NEED to discuss your sadness with him because you think no one else understands you better when you’re sad.

It’s when you want his shoulder to cry on because no one else’s presence makes any difference to you. It’s the emotional dependency and this takes a lot of time to develop. If this happens with you, it means the guy you’re dating has proven himself time and again that he has always been there for you, TIE THE KNOT!

4. You don’t have to “put on a show” for him

This happens when you develop a certain comfort level with the guy you’re dating, you don’t feel like putting on makeup and dressing up because you know he’s not judging you by the way you look, you know that he loves you regardless. You can be yourself in front of him, your “weird side” is an open book to him and it doesn’t bother you anymore.

This happens when you share a certain level of trust and comfort with someone, that you let all of your shields down and you aren’t afraid to show him who you really are because you know he will love you regardless of everything.

5. You can call him your best friend

This is a continuation of my previous point. When you can call your guy your best friend, it means you will never have a dull moment with him. It means that you share such a special bond with him, that you can be silly and romantic at the same time and he will still love you the same. You guys do have your romantic dinners etc., but you also chill with each other like best friends.

When I and my girlfriend go on double dates, people really get weirded out by our chemistry. We don’t talk in each other’s ear or give each other looks while hanging out with other people, we just act natural. We laugh a lot, we talk really loud, we show people that there’s no need to develop a certain way of being with each other, you can be sporadic and still be very much in love with each other.

6. You want to share everything with him

You get your first job offer, the first thing you do is call him to share your happiness with him. You don’t feel like your happiness is complete unless he’s a part of it, he’s the first person who gets to know, every time. It’s kind of a surreal feeling, to share your happiness with someone and actually feel the happiness grow tenfold in front of you. This happens when you actually get appreciated and when your happiness is actually shared. If you have this bond with him, he’s a keeper!
7. He doesn’t want you to change

Change is a big part of everyone’s lives, but not when it’s forced or expected. Change is only beautiful when it happens naturally, otherwise, it’s just filled with negativity. A man who truly loves you will NEVER ask you to change unless it’s for your own good (like leaving a bad habit).

He loves you for your individuality, for the person you are, and not the person you could be or should be. If a man completely accepts you in every form, he’s one to keep.

8. You fight, but you also love

Every couple fights. Those famous celebrity couples you see on TV, fight. That couple who’s extremely happy all the time, they fight too. It’s in our nature to disagree, it’s nothing unusual. Love is when you know when to stop, when you know what to say and how not to hurt the person you love, with your words and actions, love it to not forget your feelings no matter how angry or upset you are.

Don’t get me wrong, my girlfriend and I have our fair share of fights, but we always end up making each other happy in the end, we always know when to stop. Finding a guy who can put you above his anger is hard, but not impossible.

9. You share the same idea of romance

Last but definitely not least, you two share the same idea of romance. Now this one is THE most important one of all because it involves intimacy and comfort at the same time. Every one of us has a different idea when it comes to being romantic, the hard part is finding someone who can match it.

For instance, my ideal romance is when I can just laugh and smile with my girlfriend, my idea of romance is to just spend time with her, it is different for everyone. So ladies, if you’ve found a guy who shares this with you, please don’t let him go.

Your turn, ladies
Have you found your Mr. Right? Did I miss something on the list? Talk to me in the comments below. And as always, stay blessed and keep the love alive!

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