9 Signs That You’re Dating A Player

It takes two mature individuals to make a relationship work. Unfortunately for most, there are just a lot of men who take longer than others to mature. There are some men who go through very specific stages in their life before they can really ever be ready for a real relationship with another person. For some very select men, they only need minimal experimentation and experience in the field of romance and love before they can become ready for a real hot and heavy relationship. But the vast majority of men will go through a very misogynistic phase of their life wherein they will treat their women like objects and points to be scored in a game.
These men are the players in the dating world. They treat love and romance like a game wherein the winners get to take home women as their prizes. It’s a sadistic and downright immature way to go about life, but sadly, it’s the truth for a lot of men. So ladies, do yourself a favor and make sure that you never end up dating a guy who is a player. You are only going to be setting yourself up for severe frustration and disappointment by doing so. You must always ensure that you protect your heart by only dating quality men who are mature and who know how to take care of you.

But it’s always going to be difficult. The players are good at the games that they play. They know how to weaken a girl’s defenses and manipulate their way into her heart. That’s why you must always be extra vigilant and try to spot a player early on so that you don’t ever allow yourself to be vulnerable to them. It’s easier said than done, but once you know the signs, then it won’t really be as hard as you would expect. So this article is for you; it’s going to highlight the blatant signs that you need to keep an eye out for. These are the red flags that the guy that you’re dating is a player and you should probably dump him.

1. He still regularly goes out clubbing and bar-hopping even if you’re not there.

It’s one thing for him to always want to go out clubbing and partying with you. He’s eventually going to have to grow up from that phase. But if he keeps on doing it without you, then it means he’s probably still playing the field.

2. He only ever agrees to date you on very specific days of the week.

The only way a man could ever juggle multiple girls at once is if he manages to develop a sort of routine to keep them all happy. If he is only agreeing to see you on very specific days of the week, it may be because his other days are reserved for other girls.

3. He will dodge any questions or discussions about the state of your relationship.

He will not want to talk about your relationship status. He will not want to talk about labels. He will avoid having these kinds of discussions with you because you might then realize that he’s not really all that serious about you.

4. He has a reputation for being a player.

If he has a reputation for playing around, then that might be a huge indication that he’s also just playing with you. Always be suspicious of men who have reputations for playing the field often.
5. He surrounds himself with friends who are also players.

You are the company that you keep. If a lot of his friends are going to be players, then chances are that their personalities will also rub off on him. You better make sure that he surrounds himself with better people.
6. His social media activity is really sketchy.

He keeps liking these photos of a particular girl. He is always commenting on the photos of these very specific women. You have to consider the possibility that they may be more than just friends.

7. He is inconsistent with his love and affection for you.

A man who is seriously in love with you would always try his best to give off a sense of stability and consistency in the relationship with you. But if you can’t seem to ever rely on him to be there for you a hundred percent of the time, it may be because his attention is divided.

8. He doesn’t make an effort to get to know your friends and family.

He doesn’t want to make you think that things are getting serious. And frankly, he won’t have the time to establish new relationships with your social circle. He would be too busy juggling his women.

9. He treats you like some sort of object.

Lastly, if he only ever treats you like an object of pleasure, then he really doesn’t love you. He only wants you when it suits him and he really isn’t in it for the love.