6 Mind Games Manipulative and Toxic Men Play On Women in Relationships

There are so many terrible, horrid, cheap, unworthy, undeserving, insecure, and toxic men out there in the world. And you always need to make it a point to stay clear of their destructive tendencies. They have a way of being able to just hide who they truly are in the inside by masking their toxicity with charm and charisma.

But little did you know that these guys are actually playing some really horrendous emotional games on your heart. And that’s never something that you would want to actively participate in. That’s why you would never want to end up in relationships with these kinds of guys.

They never want to make their insecurities known to the people who are around them. They are always going to try to hide their deepest vulnerabilities the best way that they can. And instead, they’re going to parade some very toxic, misogynistic, egotistic, narcissistic, and masochistic behavior. You don’t want to be around for when they really start to play games. That’s not a kind of situation you would ever want to take part in.

The worst part about it all is that they’re good at deception. They are so good at making the people around them feel comfortable and vulnerable. They present themselves as very reliable and trustworthy individuals even when they have the blackest of hearts and the worst intentions. These men would come into your life and make it seem as if they are completely kind, innocent, and dependable souls. They will make you feel like they would be willing to open up to you about their flaws and fears.

But it’s all a ploy to get you to believe in them. Once they know that they’ve hooked you, they’re going to try to reel you in and make sure that you won’t have an easy escape. They’re slowly going to unveil their true selves to you and you definitely won’t like what you will see: a selfish, manipulative, abusive, and inconsiderate individual who only ever thinks about his own needs regardless of how his words or actions might impact the people around him.

You want to make sure that you protect yourself from this kind of man. Getting into a close and intimate relationship with him might cause you some serious emotional trauma and damage that you will have substantial difficulty recovering from. In fact, you might even be scarred for life. That’s why you need to be on the lookout for any potential red flags whenever you’re getting to know a guy for the first time.

Even though he might be a master at the art of deception, it won’t be too difficult for you to identify him as a player if you just know what to be looking for. You need to make yourself aware of the various games that these men tend to play on the women that they’re dating. If you notice that some of these games apply to a guy that you’re getting to know, then you might want to cancel that relationship immediately. He’s bad news and you need to protect yourself.

1. He isn’t consistent with his personality.

You never know what you’re going to get with him. One day, he’s really kind and loving. On the next day, he’s completely unbearable.

2. He puts you down a lot.
He tries to build himself up a lot in the relationship and he does so by putting you down. He makes you feel bad about your imperfections by pointing them out to you for no reason other than to criticize you.

3. He never takes any of the blame.

He never takes any of the blame on the relationship and he always tries to find a way to pin all of your problems on you. He always makes it seem like everything is your fault. He never owns up to any of his shortcomings and he never apologizes. He would never admit to his mistakes.

4. He resorts to passive-aggressiveness.

He resorts to passive-aggressive behaviors whenever he’s dealing with you. He’s trying to keep his hands clean by never confronting you directly about anything. But he still makes you feel bad with his passive-aggressive comments about who you are and how you conduct yourself.
5. He guilts you into doing things for him.

He really uses guilt as a powerful tool in getting you to do things that he wants you to do. Instead of forgiving you for faults and mistakes, he makes you feel bad about them and he manipulates you into trying to overcompensate.

6. He starts random fights with you.
He’s just really looking to stress you out as much as he can. That’s why it seems like he’s just willing to start random fights with you for no reason. It’s his way of constantly trying to keep you on your toes so that you never feel relaxed or at ease whenever you’re around him.