25 Times People Failed To Send Dogs To ‘We Rate Dogs’ & Sent Something Else

Rating things makes everything interesting.

Whether it’s customer service, food review, or even a compliment to someone. Ratings greatly help in boosting confidence, assessing performance and even in promoting something such as a brand. It’s just amazing how you can get everyone’s opinion on a subject in a statistical form almost instantly. These ratings help in determining who’s the best. Now, when we talk about being the best we simply cannot rule out our dogs because really who are we trying to fool?

Doggos are the best and will always be. But, out of all the dogs on the planet which one of them is the greatest? Well, there’s a rating system for that too. It’s a Twitter account “We Rate Dogs” that gives a rating to dogs. While the ratings are always good regardless of how the dogs look or behave, sometimes, people send them such interesting photos of their dogs that they don’t even look like proper dogs. In times like that, ‘We Rate Dogs’ not only rates these questionable dogs but also gives them hilarious names.

Below we have compiled a list of some of the funniest tweets where people completely failed to send ‘We Rate Dogs’ photos of their dogs.

Check them out and enjoy!


#1 Walking on water

#2 Tyrannosaurus

#3 East African Chalupa Seal.

#4 Polar Bear.

#5 Snoring rug.

#6 Delicious Marshmallow.

#7 Heartbroken Ewok.

#8 31-year old son.

#9 Taiwanese guide walrus.

#10 Smiling ghosts.

#11 Floppy Tongued House Panda.

#12 Iraqi Speed Kangaroo.

#13 Mongolian Grass Snake.

#14 Bangladeshi Couch Chipmunks.

#15 Pokemon.

#16 Jamaican Flop Seal.

#17 Alaskan Flop Turtle.

#18 Wilson.

#19 Urban Floof Giraffe.

While it’s fun to see these ratings, it’s actually a very tough job. Especially, when people send you dogs that are quite clearly not dogs. I mean, it’s not every day that you see Bulbasaurs and Mangolian Grass Snakes. It’s just crazy how people are keeping such questionable creatures as pets. I mean, they are adorable, yes, but this is a page for dogs. So, if anyone here decides to send them a photo, please make sure you send a photo of an actual dog that is also fully-functional.

#20 Rare Canadian Floofer Owl.

#21 Jokester.

#22 Comfy Carpet.

#23 Majestic Doggo.

#24 Cone Doggo.

#25 Lobster.


Do you have photos of your dog that you’d like other people to rate? Drop them below and let’s see what they get!