54-Year-Old Halle Berry Proves Age Is Just A Number In Stunning New Photos

Halle Berry is one of the most beautiful and successful women in Hollywood. There is truly nothing she cannot do. Her acting talent is effortless. Her looks are ageless. And her Instagram is TIMELESS. I’m not only impressed at her looks but her ability to use Instagram as a 50-something. I am almost too embarrassed to admit how many times I’ve had to delete the dang app because I just can’t figure out how to use it!

If I had been living in a forest for my whole life and just emerged today and saw Halle Berry for the first time, I would have GENUINELY thought she was 25.

Instagram | @halleberry
The Academy Award-winning actress hasn’t aged a day since her Hollywood debut back in the ’90s.

I wish I could say the same about myself since the ’90s, but my forehead wrinkles would tell you a very different tale!

As we know, the pandemic has ruined everyone’s live for the past year. I know right, I win the obvious award!

One of the worst part for celebrities of course, has been the lack of award shows, and fashion shows, and any type of shows, really.

However, Halle is not like other celebs, okay? She makes the best out of a situation! She turned her backyard into a stunning photoshoot and it made me so jealous for A HOST OF REASONS!

Yes, she looks absolutely stunning, but do you see her SHRUBBERY?!

Instagram | @halleberry
Her perfectly maintained garden is almost as aspirational as her perfectly maintained ABS!

“Looking for a red carpet moment,” she captioned the series of pics.

It’s clear there’s something in the water over there in the Hollywood Hills. Money…. maybe it’s just money.

Instagram | @halleberry

I have never wanted to throw on a tulle skirt and a butterfly adorned crop top more than I do right now! Sure, it wouldn’t look as amazing on me as it does on her, but that’s the risk I’m willing to take!

Anything to get me out of this pajama set I’ve been wearing for 6 months, amirite ladies??

Naturally, everyone was obsessed with the Christian Siriano frock.

Twitter | @halleberry

What I love most about this is Halle TRULY PROVES age is just a number. Who says you can’t rock a gorgeous, two-piece gown in your fifties? At 54-year-old, Halle is thriving and I support her, just like that crop top is supporting her!

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