33 Hilarious Selfies Where People Have No Idea What’s Happening Behind Them

People have become professionals at taking selfies, making sure they look perfect. Most often they share these images without even double checking.

Unfortunately there are some people who are still amateur and end up taking a picture that they shouldn’t have posted. By the time they realise everyone has taken a screenshot. Golden rule always remember to check your selfies.

Take a look at the hilarious example we have compiled below:

1. Does she want herself to stop taking selfies?

2. Don’t turn your back on your best friend.

3. Her dog doesn’t look so happy about this.

4. Always be careful when attempting to take a wildlife snap, it could come back to bite you!!

5. Maybe wait until your business is finished.

6. Are we focusing on the human or horse?

7. This is usually a snap you should delete peeps!!

8. Great timing…

9. Background checks are a must!!

10. Did she try pretend her boyfriend took a snap of this sleeping beauty.

11. Mirror mirror on the wall…..

12. Don’t forget to pull up your pants when taking a selfie.

13. An older version of myself.

14. Mirrors are usually for checking out your glasses and not whats in front of you.

15. That cute little face looks a little squashed in there.

16. Oh please, do guys still try get away with this crap.

17. Some beach selfies need to be filtered.

18. Take note of your surroundings at all times.

19. Show the world your bedroom posters then….

20. Always remember to check if there is a mirror behind you.

21. This dog certainly learned some new tricks.

22. Remember not to disturb the person when you snap them sleeping.

23. My nan does this all the time.

24. Capturing the moment.

25. Robs and Alex might have just started a new trend for lost phones.

26. Scrolling through your phone after a night out on the town in Vegas!

27. Screensaver on your boyfriends phone when he goes on a lad’s weekend away……just brilliant.

28. What else did this cat do apart from taking a selfie?

29. Classic, when you have evidence of someone trying to sip your drink that matches up perfectly.

30. Switching places with an oral surgeon as a photo opportunity….but who owns the pliers?

31. Remember to delete any evidence if using someone else’s phone for sending selfies.

32. This guy was brought in off the street after a drunken night out!

33. When you realise chickens can take some awesome selfies.