30 Strange Beauty Things Women Did In The Past.

The majority of women strive to have a youthful appearance, thats why beauty  products are alway in high demand.

Over the years there certainly has been a number of beauty trends which are questionable. Take hair for example, women advanced from using irons to hair straighteners. That is just one example, there a numerous bizarre and unusual beauty trends know throughout history. 

Scroll down and take a look at these bizarre images we have compiled and let us know which one is your favourite. 

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#1: A Seam Is Being Painted On This Lady’s Leg, To Make It Appear That She Is Wearing Stockings In 1926.

#2: Again During The 1920’s Full-Faced Swimming Masks Helped Protect From Sun Damage.

#3 A Faceless Beauty Competition In Cliftonville, 1936

#4 A Chinese Tradition Called Foot Binding During The Tenth Century.

#5: A French Breast Washer Throughout The 1930’s.

#6 In 1938, Rita Perchetti And Gloria Rossi Testing Out Their New Portable Bathhouse In Order To Change Their Sunbathing Attire.

#7 The Infamous Ironing Hair Trend In The 60’s

#8 Freckle Removal In 1930.

This Apparatus Covers The Eyes With A Special, Air-Tight Piece, And The Nostrils Covered. Breathing Is Done Through A Special Tube.

#9 Tape Worm Diet For Fat Loss.

#10 Miss Lovely Eyes Beauty Pageant In 1930 Wore Masks To Obscure Their Faces.

#11: An Ice Mask From Max Factor.

#12 People Wore Garments To Protect Themselves From The Sun Prior To The Introduction Of Sunscreen.

#13 1949 Women Could Use A Vending Machine For Tanning.

#14: 1929 A Perm In Germany.

#15 During The 40’s Customers Paint Their Legs In London.

#16 1940 A Portable Hair Dryer.

#17 An Ankle Competition Being Judged At Hounslow, London, 1930

#18: During 17th – 19th Century Black Teeth Were A Sign Of Beauty In Japan.

#19 This Bra Developed And Strengthened Your Bust It Vibrated While The Person Wore It At Work In 1971

#20 This Was Your Typical Hair Dryer During The 1920s.

#21 In The 1920’s Rubber Beauty Masks Used To Reduce Wrinkles.

#22 In 1929 Women Wore Wooden Swimsuits.

#23 A Machine To Create Dimple, 1936.

#24 A Nose Correction.

#25 A Fruit Mask During The 30’s.

#26 An X-Ray Of Two Female Torsos One The (Left) Wears A cORSET The (Right) Is Without1908.

#27 In The 1940’s Women Weren’t Prohibited To Smoke In The Hospital After Giving Birth.

#28 Capturing Exact Measurements Of A Young Woman’s Head And Face With This Instrument In 1933

#29 Circa 1938, A Young Woman Improves Her Circulation By Holding Her Arms And Legs In Four Water Bathes With An Electric Current.

#30 In 1940 Women Wore This Warming Face Mask.