21 Strangers Photobombed Normal Photos

When taking pictures we often pay attention to certain details like poses or facial expressions.

Occassionally unpredictable things in the background make these photos more interesting.

Scroll down and take a look at these hilarious strangers who photobombed them. 


1. This random biker watching the sunset said he wanted a piggy back too.”

2. Up close and personal……

3. He ruined the moment.

4. Who is watching?

5. Who’s photobombing this one?

6. My son was asked to take a picture of a nice Asian family at Disneyland……

7. How long will it take you to noticed the epic photobomber?

8. Ah shucks…..

9. Do you want me to be in the picture.

10. I photobombed a girl on the beach taking pictures and she sent it to me.

11. Would you like me to take a photo of you 2 lovebirds? Old man nails it.

12. When a whole rock crew wants to be part of your wedding shot.

13. How scary does he look.

14. A homeless guy photobombed my wedding picture.

15. This guy had time to stop for a photo op.

16. Please tell me thats an illusion!

17. The moment you realize you photobomb a wedding pic.

18. The photobomb required good timing and skill!

19. The cutest photobomb ever!

20. Cleaner posing in background as I’m taking a selfie.

21. When you feel left out of the family photo.