20+ Hilarious Vacation Photos These People Can’t Forget Even If They Tried

Travelers all over the world do their best to catch the best vacation moments and impress their friends and followers with their pictures. Though, life is more inventive and unexpected than we tend to think — so what was captured in a photo may differ from what was planned.

Bright Side prepared a compilation of truly hilarious pictures from vacations these people will never be able to forget.

1. Everything looks perfect…except for the frisbee coming through the front.

2. When a hair-flipping photo turns into a pic of Chewbacca:

3. Booking a window seat isn’t always what you expect it to be.


6. Nope, it really isn’t!

7. Goth is a state of mind. And a beach is no exception.

© darsa / awkwardfamilyphotos
8. When you just want to get a photo with the llama:

9. Can’t the Dark Knight get tired?

10. Just hanging out with a pet…
11. Caution! Slippery floor!


13. Feeding a flamingo might not be as funny as expected…

14. When you planned to watch movies during your flight:

15. She looks pretty relaxed considering this iguana situation.

16. Sometimes the names of travel destinations are no lie.

17. This guy really wanted to be in the photo.


19. Even Stormtroopers need some pool time.
20. Just 8 girls photobombing a guy with leggings

21. Hope everything ended well for these girls.
22. Be careful with a high tide when sleeping at the beach.

Do you have any brilliant travel photos like these in your collection? Feel free to share them in the comments!