19 red flags that mean a Relationship will not last

There are big red flags that people always face in their relationships. which is usually noticeable in friends and family relationships. Today, however, I will be talking more about the red lights in the area of ​​our emotional and loving relationship that we have with our partners. some see these signs yet ignore

These are telltale signs that two people were simply not made for each other. Some are quite obvious.

Some, less.

We all deserve to be happy. If any of your friends or relatives are having any of these bad signs in relationships, it may be time to let go.

Constant Struggle

I can agree with a small argument that is normal. but when you hear that idiot scream over your head day after day. it’s obvious that it’s time to give up. –Mistah-Jay

The four horsemen

In fact, there is research by John Gottman in this area. He calls them four horsemen.

The traits are contempt, criticism, obstruction, and defense. His research shows that, in just a few minutes, watching a couple, it is possible to know if their relationship is likely to end based on the fact that one of them is seen to occur in the relationship. The good news is that they all have antidotes!

They don’t like each other

The only one for me is: when they don’t like each other.

Literally, everything else I have seen couples successfully ignore – extreme differences in personalities, interests, politics, sexual urges, religions, all right – as long as they like each other and want to be close to each other.

If you are afraid to go home at the end of the day because your spouse is there, it is the only time I think, “Why are you together, then?”

They don’t listen

Communication is essential in every relationship. and listening to each other helps to involve the two couples in the communication that will help them or their relationship. it should be a dialogue in which both parties are involved, not a monologue when its just one person speaking. I saw another day at a restaurant. A guy was talking, and she would be listening and responding.

When she was talking, he would pick up the phone and watch it all the time.

“This relationship will not last”.

The next is totally essential.


If you are not comfortable in a relationship, why are you involved? The moment you start to feel discomfort in a relationship, whether due to the attitudes shown by your spouse or any discomfort, know that your spouse is already tired of the relationship, do not try to force it to work, because that is what most people end up trying to do.

And know that this comfort in your relationship is very important. This comes from someone with a lot of anxiety.

Passive aggression

Vague and aggressive posts on social media that can only be directed to each other.

Ventilation without using their names.

It’s good to be frustrated with each other, but if you can’t be direct with each other, it’s time to re-evaluate your relationship.

Use of drugs

If you are in a relationship and he is not stable, but the only thing that brings you stability is when you get involved with drugs. there is a problem that you need to step back and reevaluate the terms of such relationships.

They cannot be themselves

When you can be yourself, but you tend to hide your behavior and character in your relationship, there is a problem.

This means that the two of you cannot be alone while you are together and it results in an unbalanced couple, where one (or both) ends up unhappy in the long run.

It is tiring to act like someone you are not.


When you can make each other laugh, it’s also a problem that needs serious evaluation. –FraggleOnFire

The next one is really important.

Not popular with friends and family

Not knowing anyone from the couple’s family and friends. it is also a big problem. because this relationship could be built on the basis of deception

I know someone who broke up their relationship just because the guy was always making excuses to come see her dad, at least.

But I know him and he just disregarded and kicked me out

Core Values

A good relationship is based on the main value that is shared by a common value. When they don’t share core values. It’s good to like different foods, entertainment, and activities, but if you don’t share important things like beliefs, morals, life/family goals, these are big things that can become points of contention.

An argument or discussion does not always change these things either.

Shared Facebook account / social media account

Whenever I see a couple having a shared account on Facebook / other social media, all with the goal of privacy.

Generally, it looks like someone has cheated and therefore doesn’t completely trust their partner, or someone wears the pants at all, and the other is an easy task. And once you consider that, you can.


When one wants children and the other does not, this case has been the cause of many problems in most homes where the woman is primarily a career or a significant public figure.

Great expectations

When a partner sets high expectations and strange terms, he expects the other to change and postpone them. The relationship would be a dictatorship.

The next one may not seem obvious at first.

They hide from each other

When one (or both) is constantly hiding shit from the other. All this “if my girlfriend/boyfriend calls, I’m not here!” Or anything like that.

I dated a guy for a while who was very drunk and tried to hide from me as much as I could.

I found out, after we broke up with some friends, that they occasionally met him in bars and he always asked me not to be told they saw him drinking.

No equal effort

When they don’t want to put an equal effort into the relationship. I have some ex-friends who are a husband and wife, but the two will be together forever because they both make so little effort to be together.

They are like roommates who f*ck every 60 days. – CraptainHammer

They only have sex in common

I was talking to a new couple, and the girl was telling me how they don’t like the same things.

At each meeting, one sacrificed himself for the other to do something he liked. At some point in the conversation, I made a joke about sex, and she said, “Oh yes, there is something we both like!”

Sex is good, but don’t let it be your only hobby in common. –Machiavelli

Always complaining

Whenever you meet him, he/she is complaining about the spouse.

Seriously, I have seen people having children together, but they never have anything good to say about each other when the other is not around. –CouldBeAPygmy

They are afraid to be alone

They only stay together for fear of being alone.

Sooner be alone and happy than with someone and unhappy.