19 People Who Took Creativity to a Whole New Level

When people are bored, they get extremely creative: someone makes an animal out of a towel, and somebody create something cool using origami methods. Take a look at the most beautiful fried eggs in the world, the cool way firewood can be arranged and you’ll understand that the material people use to create a masterpiece doesn’t matter. All you need is talent.

Bright Side has collected the most interesting art objects that are made of the most mundane stuff.

Okay, this is really mind-blowing.

© Zaychig / Pikabu
“To me, it means that others see this person that seems okay, but, in reality, they’re not okay at all”

© Bekah Miles / Facebook
Why not do this if you have a lot of free time?

© dittidot / Reddit
The biggest part of the painting was created by the rock itself.

© Citrous_Oyster / Reddit
“A customer from my dad’s fruit shop bought a honey melon and returned later that day with this.”

© nouareallallleft / Reddit
“We saw this on a cruise ship.”

© Littleinfo / Wikipedia
You can even be an artist, at the supermarket.

© Otariano / Twitter
A bench made of wrenches

© Slavavz / Pikabu
A true artist always sees the world differently.

© Broths / Reddit
Lego pizza

© Tary / Twitter
A fish made of spare parts

© kluben / Pikabu
“My sister fell asleep so I took my chance.”

© Ochi2822Ssr / Twitter
Someone used a lawnmower like a paintbrush.

The most interesting fried eggs in the world

A portrait made of socks


Dirt graffiti

Banana Marilyn

And pancake & berry Snow White

“Dusty cat”

Bonus: “My paint fell on the floor and it looks way better than anything I’ve ever done.”
19 People Who Took Creativity to a Whole New Level
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