15+ Pics That Tricked Our Eyes And Didn’t Even Apologize For It

Look, as much as we hate it to admit it, sometimes our eyes and our brains just are’t on the same team. And sometimes they can come across a very confusing image that makes them not only lie to each other, but to us, too.

Which, I gotta say, is kind of rude.

But if you enjoy a good brain-twisting, eye-tricking picture, then I think you’re really going to enjoy all these images I’ve pulled together for you.

1. I heard they like to travel in packs.

Reddit | ThitKo4Ever

At first glance, that’s a car full of super round, super shiny bald heads. Of course, after you realize there’s only one chrome dome going for a ride, this picture becomes significantly less entertaining.

2. Go ahead, jump in.

Reddit | mfwalton91
Don’t freak out. You’re not looking at some sort of unearthed portal into another realm or something. This is actually an aerial view of the Chicago Bean.

Pretty trippy though, right?

3. “Never skip arm day.”

Reddit | gabesdefig

I know there’s a person behind that man, and that’s not actually his arm. I know that.

But how cute is it to let yourself believe this gentleman has one lil’ baby arm that he likes to prop up on his side there in a very pouty fashion?

4. Extra floof.

Reddit | leroygriepidfc

Sadly, this pup isn’t nearly as majestic as this picture would lead us to believe. He just happens to be positioned perfectly inside the curl of another dog’s tail.

5. Minecraft IRL.

Reddit | OysterLucy

Okay, this one seriously hurt my eyes and my brain. I can’t help but feel this intense need to touch that knitted blanket because although I know it’s entirely flat, I also really don’t know that. You know?

6. What a looker.

Reddit | najam9849

This little baby’s face happened to perfectly line up with the significantly older face of the person who’s holding him, making for one super hilarious, mind-bending, Benjamin Button-inspired illusion.

7. Peek-a-boo!

Reddit | Raptors_McFlaptors

Okay, pay really close attention here because this one’s a nightmare to explain.

So we’re actually looking up at the underside of a second flight of stairs (see the smoke detector there?). And the cat is looking down at us through one of the stair slats, because this second flight apparently has panels, but no backs. Why those panels are carpeted is anyone’s guess.

8. Something’s missing…

Reddit | sozazac

I genuinely startled when I first saw this picture, because I was convinced I had stumbled upon some super twisted side of the internet that shows decapitated animal heads.

But worry not — this beautiful cow’s body is actually just hidden behind its massive head (I hope).

9. A very holey cat.

Reddit | leowu77495

Pushing aside the initial shock of thinking this cat was partially see-through, let’s talk about how fascinating it is that it has a natural pie chart right there on its fur!

10. “Did your team win today?”

Reddit | cringemaster89

I’m glad this reporter isn’t above asking all the fans about their feelings on the game, because I’m sure this bird has some thoughts about what his team could have done differently and he would love to share them with the world.

11. Guard kitty isn’t very effective.

Reddit | 0MattyJ0

This one’s a little tricky, but if you’re having trouble seeing it, this cat is actually peaking up over a cement step of sorts, so the rest of its body is simply hidden out of view.

12. The fish was caught that day, but at what cost?

Reddit | wywee

It’s incredible how we can sometimes unintentionally blend into nature without ever trying to camouflage ourselves in the first place, isn’t it?

And you really wouldn’t expect a pair of denim shorts (or jorts, if you will) to be the kind of outfit to help you hide in plain sight, but here we are. And there his legs are not.

13. They’re coming!

Reddit | SoVeryKerry

No no, there’s no alien invasion happening here, although it certainly seems that way. This is simply the reflection of someone’s ceiling lights on their window, making for one very heart-stopping illusion.

14. “Thank God we picked the giant for our team.”

Reddit | fede-k

Yes, this is just a player jumping to hit a shot that makes her look so big. But how funny would it be if the opposing team actually hit the court and realized they would have to receive the ball from a literal giant?
15. Yeah, I’d be concerned too, kid.

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