14 Lies That Only Cheaters Are Comfortable In Saying

Cheating can be the most painful and traumatizing experience a person can go through. The experience not only breaks a person but gives them trust issues for life. In this aspect, cheaters can be labeled as most selfish here, who without giving a second thought about their partner, they put them through emotional hell only because of their incompetency.

Because of their manipulating behavior, cheaters are also good at feeding lies to their partners and thus, emotionally abusing them. So here are some of the lies that one will commonly hear from a cheater’s mouth and beware do not trust them!

1. They promise that they will change

They will promise you that they will change their ways. They will somehow convince you that they cheated because of a momentary lapse of judgment and you are the only one for them. Do not fall for these sugar-coated lies!

2. They will justify their actions

Cheaters are good at manipulating and somehow they will justify their actions and twist their lies in a way that will convince you that you are at fault that your partner had to look outside to find love. Remember these are just bullshit lies that cheaters feed to feel less guilty about their actions.

3. They will seek forgiveness

After cheating the cheating partner usually seeks forgiveness and committing to not going stray in a relationship again. But remember this is an endless cycle and it will continue to move till you put a stop to it.

4. Blaming you for cheating

To get an easy way out and to give themselves mental peace, cheaters will find faults in you and justify how these faults led them to cheat in the first place.

5. Putting blame on others

Instead of being accountable for their actions, cheating partner puts blame on the one they cheated with and will come up with poor excuses of how they were ‘seduced.’

6. Good at hiding things

They are a pro at hiding things and if exposed they will come up with all sorts of excuses to justify themselves. This is one trait common to all cheating partners and should be identified early in a relationship if one does not want to fall into an endless cycle of emotional abuse by their cheating partners.

7. Make you believe you are overreacting

This is one psychological game they play to make you believe that you are over exaggerating and the situation is not that severe as you make it out to be. Don’t fall into this trap.

8. Temporarily mending their ways

They will temporarily change their ways and you will feel like they have changed for good this time. But the truth is they will continue to cheat on you and this is not something that can be fixed easily. So look past these lies and make a smart decision and save yourself from a life of lies and deceit.

9. Beating around the bush

Confronting a cheating partner is one of the most difficult things to do. This is simply because they are never willing to come clean with their actions and also because speaking the complete truth will minimize their chances of getting away with their infidelity next time.

10. Blame you for not communicating enough

Another way cheaters go by is by playing a psychological game where they somehow justify their infidelity with a lack of communication between the partners

11. Making others guilty

Cheaters have a way of convincing that cheating happened because the partner was lacking in some way and thus their actions are completely justified and this makes the partner go on a guilt trip.

12. Making themselves look good and acting like a victim

No matter how wrong they are, a cheating partner will always justify their actions and for them, cheating was another situation that happened, nothing big deal about it. At the same time, they will also reassure themselves and their partner that they are a good person and they are the victim in the entire situation.

13. Acting like it is a one-time thing

Apart from asking their partners for forgiveness, cheaters also do their best in convincing their partners that it was a one-time thing or worse it was accidental and their hearts swayed just for a moment and now they’re on the right track. But as they say once a cheater, always a cheater.

14. Where your fault lies

When a partner cheats, it is their worst mistake. We all agree. But do you know what is much worst than this? You believing their lies and pinning your future hopes on them. It is time that you bid farewell to your cheating partners and instead of believing their sugarcoated lies of changing for the better, you better move on because you deserve the best!