10 Uncomfortable Signs That Your Relationship Is Wrong For You

after-breakupYou can’t be so immature to believe that just because you’re helplessly in love with a person automatically translates to the two of you having a healthy relationship. In fact, a lot of times, people fall in love with individuals who are just downright wrong for them. And when that happens, it’s always best to call it quits no matter how counter-intuitive it may seem to walk away from someone you’re deeply in love with. It’s better for all parties involved to just not be selfish about it. No matter how much you would want a relationship to work out, sometimes it’s just not meant to be. Here are 10 uncomfortable signs that your relationship is wrong for you.

1. Your friends and family don’t approve of the relationship.

While you shouldn’t let your friends and family by making your own personal decisions for you, that doesn’t mean you should be totally disregarding their sentiments about how you live your life. We are all human beings and we all need the perspective of others to survive. Sometimes, your biases could potentially blind you from the fact that you’re in a bad relationship.

2. You never feel completely comfortable with just being yourself when you’re together.

In any relationship, you should always be made to feel like you can be yourself. You should never have to feel like you have to censor or suppress who you really are on the inside. Your partner should always be pushing and encouraging you to just be your natural self. They should make you feel comfortable with just being who you are.

3. You are constantly afraid of being judged in the relationship.

It’s normal for us to always want the people we love to think highly of us. This serves as a form of motivation for us to always try to be better human beings. We never want to be a disappointment especially to the people we love. However, that doesn’t mean we should be living in constant fear of judgment from the people we love the most.

4. You see spending time with one another as a chore.

Time is valuable and we never want to waste it on people, things, or activities that aren’t important to us. So if you feel like spending time with your partner is more of a burden than it is a pleasure, then there’s something really wrong with your relationship. That tells you that you don’t really find it important to spend time with each other at all.

5. You never feel like you are satisfied in bed.

Sexual satisfaction is always important in a relationship, especially in modern ones. Sex is a great tool for building physical intimacy with another person. It also helps build on trust, respect, and vulnerability in the relationship. So if the sex isn’t good in a romantic relationship, it might be hard to sustain that passion for one another in the long run.

6. You always feel exhausted and overwhelmed when you’re together.

Relationships were never designed to be easy. You always have to work hard to keep love alive. You always have to fight to keep someone you love in your life. But it also doesn’t mean that life has to be hard and exhausting all the time. If the relationship is constantly making you tired, then maybe it’s because it’s a toxic one.

7. You don’t feel motivated to put the effort into the relationship anymore.

If you were in a truly happy and healthy relationship, then you wouldn’t really have any trouble trying to find motivation to work for it. The relationship is all about the grind of everyday life with the person that you love. But if you feel like you lack the motivation to keep things going, then the relationship is in real trouble.

8. You don’t really see your partner at your side when you think about the future.

Part of being in a long-term relationship is being able to envision a happy and healthy future with the person you love at your side. But if you’re unable to do plan out a future with your partner in mind, it may be because your relationship has no future at all.

9. You secretly get relieved whenever they cancel on you.

You dread whatever time you have with one another because you know that something is just off. You see the time that you spend together as just more potential opportunities for shared awkwardness and bitterness. So you secretly hope that you don’t have to spend time with each other anymore.

10. Your instinct is telling you that something is definitely off.
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And lastly, trust your gut. It’s looking out for you. It only wants the best for you and you would be a fool to not pay it any mind. Trust your instincts. If your gut is telling you that there’s something wrong, then it’s highly likely that that’s the case.