10 Things All Mature Men Should Know About Women

At this point, it’s just not an acceptable excuse anymore that men don’t understand women. These days, women are more and more vocal about who they are and what they want out of life and relationships. The ignorance of men shouldn’t be tolerated given that in this age of social media, it’s so easy to educate one’s self on anything. Hopefully, if you are a guy who is reading this, you will take everything that is listed in this article to heart. You have got to stop keeping the wrong idea of what women are like.

True enough, you love women. You want to spend the rest of your life with a woman. But how can you expect to do so if you don’t make an effort to understand women better? That’s something that this article is going to try to correct. Highlighted in this piece are going to be ten things that all men need to know about women:

1. Women are more emotional than they are rational.

She is always going to follow her heart more than she’s going to follow her mind. As a woman, she believes that in this modern society, people overthink but feel too little. She’s always looking to balance out the scales.

2. Women long to feel understood.

She isn’t always going to look for you to solve her problems. It’s not that she wants you to do all of the heavy liftings for her. Sometimes, all that a girl wants is to feel understood. She wants to know that there’s someone out there who can empathize with her.

3. Women have had to endure so much in a patriarchal society.

She goes through struggles daily that you don’t have to deal with in your whole lifetime. As a woman, she is automatically put at a disadvantage just because of her gender.

4. Women are both vulnerable and healthy at the same time.

Yes, she’s going to be an incredibly strong and formidable human being. But that doesn’t mean that she isn’t going to be vulnerable either. She understands that vulnerability is essential in an intimate relationship. In addition to that, she also knows that vulnerability doesn’t have to mean weakness.

5. Women can take some time before getting comfortable.

She isn’t automatically going to allow herself to get comfortable with you. This girl has to see that you’re worth it first. She has to know that you’re worth paying attention to. That is why she is going to have her guard up at first. She isn’t going to want to make things too easy for you.

6. Women are inherently romantic.

Women are always going to be inherently romantic in a relationship. Even though romance might not be a big deal to you, it’s going to be a big deal to her. That’s why you should still make that effort to be romantic. It’s not just for the sake of her ego, but also the purpose of the relationship.

7. Women crave for equality but also want to be cared for.

She is always going to want to be seen as your equal in a relationship. As a woman, she is going to want to treat your relationship like a partnership. However, that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t like to be pampered and cared for every so often. She is still going to turn to you for some nurturing and every once in a while.

8. Women aren’t crazy.

A woman isn’t acting crazily whenever you don’t understand what she’s doing or saying. She’s just speaking from her heart. As a woman, she is just trying to be honest and authentic towards you. This means that she isn’t filtering herself. She wants you to be able to see her for who she is.

9. Women go through a lot of pain.

A lot of men seem to think that women are just overly sensitive and emotional a lot of the time. However, it is true that a woman goes through an immense amount of pain. She has to deal with so much daily. And it’s incredible that she can soldier on despite everything that happens to her.

10. Not all women are the same.

Now, you might think that this final item on this list goes against everything that has been listed here so far. But it doesn’t. The fact of the matter is that women, just like men, shouldn’t be generalized. We are all human beings, and we all carry our personalities, traits, and characteristics that make us unique. We shouldn’t be relegated to being lumped into a single category or group just because of our genders. Some women are more romantic than others. Some women are less sensitive than most. Some will be ambitious. Others will be dainty. It’s all different. You should learn to respect a woman as an individual.