10 Signs That A Person Is Definitely Meant For YOU

A person can always come into your life for a very specific reason. Some people are there to teach you valuable lessons that you need to equip yourself with as you make your way through this world. Some people are there to help you out of jams or problems that life might throw your way. But there’s always this one special person who comes into your life. This is the person who you know you can spend the rest of your life with. This is the person who you know you want to be able to grow old with. And this is the person who is definitely for keeps.

There are plenty of people who have only temporary roles in our lives. They are there to serve a specific purpose and once it’s fulfilled, then they leave. But there are some people who are there for the long haul. And whenever that’s the case, you always want to make sure that you treasure that person to the best of your abilities. You never want to push them away or take them for granted. Here are a few signs that a person is definitely meant for you.

1. You let go of your ego for this person.

You want this person to be in your life so much that you would even be willing to let go of your ego and your narcissistic tendencies.

2. You allow yourself to become vulnerable for this person.
You genuinely allow yourself to become vulnerable towards this person. You allow yourself to open up in ways that you typically don’t. You do so because you trust this individual and you know that they would never hurt you.

3. You are always pure and honest with your intentions for one another.

You always stay honest and pure with regards to the intentions that you have for each other. You are always on the same page. There is no room for deceit, manipulation, or abuse in the relationship at all.

4. You don’t try to change one another.
You don’t really try to change each other. You see each other for who you both really are as human beings and you accept all of it. You would never want to alter any fundamental aspects of each other’s beings.

5. You don’t feel judged for your flaws and imperfections.

You never have to feel like you need to hide your flaws and imperfections from this person. You are always confident to just express yourself freely and authentically. You are always encouraged to be sincere and genuine because they wouldn’t want you to be any other way.

6. You are a better human being overall because of this person.
You feel like you are just a better human being overall as a result of having this person in your life. You feel like they bring out the absolute best in you.

7. You stay with them even through the bad times.

You know that you would always want to stay with this person even as they go through bad times. You do this because you know that they would never leave your side even when you’re at your worst as well. You know that the two of you always have each other’s backs.

8. You don’t try to outdo one another.

You don’t treat your relationship like some kind of competition. You are never trying to outdo one another. You are always looking to build each other up. You always support one another. And you both consider the success of one to also be the success of the other.

9. You have a really special connection and bond with one another.

You share a very special connection and bond with one another. You know that the chemistry that you share is quite palpable. You also know that you don’t have this kind of connection with any other human being in the world.

10. You feel safe whenever you’re around each other.
You never have to worry about being judged, attacked, criticized, or ridiculed whenever you are around this person. You never have to worry about being hurt whenever you’re with them. You always feel safe in their presence.

Always stay mindful of the people who you choose to surround yourself with. There are people who are there to uplift you and help you become who you need to be. And there are people who are going to hold you back and weigh you down.

And of course, there is that one person who is actually going to help add a sense of completion to your life. This person isn’t necessarily going to be your sole source of happiness or fulfillment, but you definitely feel happier and more fulfilled as a result of being around them. And if you have that special individual in your life, you never want to let them go.