10 Photos Showing That There Are Only 2 Types Of Girls In The World

In order to perceive information easier, people subconsciously divide big groups into small ones in their mind. The same method is used in schools where different charts and schemes help classify the information and this helps people remember it faster. Even though each girl is unique, they are still not the exception and can also be divided into 2 groups according to their different features.

1. You use Instagram to either show off or just for fun.

2. We think it’s pretty obvious which bouquet will conquer the heart of any girl. We don’t know anyone who could say “No” to chicken wings.

3. You can look different and still be the same age.

4. Their approach to sports is different too.

5. There are 2 options here: you can either make a wig out of the hair left on the brush or the brush is perfectly clean.

6. Beauty or comfort? That’s the question!

7. In a selfie, you can either show outstanding body parts or your soul.

8. It’s one ride but the emotions are so different.

9. The ideas about what a perfect Halloween costume.

10. A wedding can be either ’expensively-rich’

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