10 Little-Known Ways to Spot Fake Designer Clothes Right Away

In order to increase profits and get attention from customers, mass-market brands can’t stop copying designer clothes and accessories. It used to be pretty easy to spot fake products right away, but now some replicas have such a high quality that it’s almost impossible to distinguish them from the originals.

Bright Side came up with a list of things you should check before buying designer clothes, if you want to be sure of their quality.

1. Timberland boots10 Little-Known Ways to Spot Fake Designer Clothes Right Away© David_g52 / reddit, © timberland / instagram
Their caramel-colored soles should look slightly transparent if you take a closer look at them. The company logo and the brand name should be printed on the sole. The line between the heel and the sole should be almost invisible and flat.
The logo should be printed on the heel on the outer side of the shoes. Its lines should be even, clear, and it should be strictly upright.
The eyelets on the boots should look like even hexagons, which are neatly located on the outer side of the boot. There are 7 of them on the models for men, and 6 hexagons are located on the models for women.
The thread color of all the stitches on the boots should be white. If several stitches are located near each other, they should be absolutely parallel.

2. Pandora bracelets10 Little-Known Ways to Spot Fake Designer Clothes Right Away© Unknown author / imgur, © theofficialpandora / instagram
The color of the original silver bracelet should be a bit faded. It shouldn’t be too light or shiny: the manufacturer uses an oxidizing technique that gives Pandora products a unique color.
New Pandora bracelets should perfectly keep their shape and almost not bend. You should also be able to clearly see the weaving on them.
The size of the clasp on the original Pandora bracelets should be almost the same as the size of the charms. There should be an engraving on the front side of the clasp that says “Pandora” with a crown above the “O.”
Inside the clasp, you’ll find a special fixator that looks like a clover and consists of a small screw with 4 heads. Its main aim is to securely fix the bracelet on the wrist. The clasp also must have a mark that states the silver purity and have a factory stamp inside of it.
Pandora charms have an inscription with the brand name and a mark that indicates the metal they are made of. Murano charms shouldn’t have any chips, cracks, or air bubbles inside them.

3. Levi’s jeans10 Little-Known Ways to Spot Fake Designer Clothes Right Away© levis / instagram, © KingOfCranes / reddit
The denim that original Levi’s jeans are made of should have a visible diagonal pattern that looks the same on the front and back sides of the jeans.

The back pockets of the original jeans should have a 2-line pattern that resembles an eagle’s beak.

All Levi’s jeans have a soft leather patch on the back of the waistband above the right pocket. The patch should have the Levi’s logo and a slogan and state the size of the jeans and the number of the model. There should also be a picture of the drovers trying to rip the jeans.

The small Levi’s tab on the back right pocket of the jeans is usually red, but it can also be a different color, depending on the model. The tab should have the brand name on it and sometimes a registration mark: ®.

Authentic buttons will always have “Levi Strauss” embossed on their front side and there’ll be a number stamped into their back. The rivets should also have the brand name on their outer side and the number of the model on the inside.

4. Lacoste polo shirts10 Little-Known Ways to Spot Fake Designer Clothes Right Away© DhGate / reddit, © lacoste / instagram
The Lacoste crocodile should be very detailed. You should be able to see its eyes, teeth, feet, and red jaws. The body of the crocodile should be bright green and its tail should be placed parallel to its back.
At the back of the polo collar (inside the shirt), there should be a white tag with the logo and a red number that indicates the size. On the models for men, the size is indicated with one number and there should be 2 numbers on women’s models.

Tiny details can reveal a fake Lacoste polo. For original Lacoste clothing, the manufacturer uses mother-of-pearl buttons with 2 holes without any inscriptions. Replica manufacturers often forget about this and use 4-hole buttons.

There are small cuts that are approximately 0.4 inches deep at the bottom of men’s polo shirts. Women’s models don’t have any cuts.


5. Guess watches10 Little-Known Ways to Spot Fake Designer Clothes Right Away© saaaammywammy / reddit
Guess watchbands can be made of metal, silicone, or genuine leather. A bad smell, uneven coloring, cracks, scratches, and abrasions on the watchband are signs of a fake product.

The back cover of the watch should contain basic information about the product like the logo with the brand name on it, a watchcase material (it’s usually steel), and information about the clockwork mechanism with Japan Mov’t engraved on it (since Guess only uses high-quality Japanese mechanisms).

6. New Balance sneakers10 Little-Known Ways to Spot Fake Designer Clothes Right Away© TheseRiots / reddit, © Unknown author / imgur
New Balance has its brand name printed all over its sneakers: they have it on their backside, on the side, on the tongue, on side of the sole, on the soles themselves, and on the insole. The logo in the form of the letter N is located on the side of the sneaker and is made in the form of a patch.

Original sneakers have a soft sole made of a foam material that you can easily press but it’ll quickly return to its initial state. The part that protects the foot is made of rubber. There are perforations, the logo, the size number, and the information about the model on the insoles of original New Balance sneakers.

7. Michael Kors handbags10 Little-Known Ways to Spot Fake Designer Clothes Right Away© -DhGate / reddit, © michaelkors / instagram
This brand only uses cream-colored tags that contain basic information about the product, such as the item number, the color, the material, the size of the bag, the price in dollars, and a special bar code.

All garment accessories on the original bags have an engraving with the brand name. This engraving is applied to magnetic clips, handle rings, clasps, and snap hooks.

Original bags are made of a dense material that doesn’t get deformed, even during shipment when the bag is packed.

8. Supreme sweatshirts10 Little-Known Ways to Spot Fake Designer Clothes Right Away© MisterFury69 / reddit, © supremenewyork / instagram
There are 2 labels in the dark red color on the neck and on the body of the sweatshirt. The bigger one has the name of the brand with a registration mark: ®. And the second states that the country of origin is Canada. On the inner label, where wash & care instructions are located, there should be a recommendation to not iron the product. Replica manufacturers often forget about this.

On the sweatshirts with an embroidered logo, the arrangement of the letters on the red background should be neat and the distance between the letters should be equal. If you turn the original sweatshirt inside out, you’ll see a thin mesh of white threads on the back of the logo.

Supreme only uses flat laces, which are neatly tied at their ends. Round laces that are scorched at the ends or laces with metal ends are a sign of a fake product.


9. Burberry scarfs
10 Little-Known Ways to Spot Fake Designer Clothes Right Away© unknown author / imgur, © burberry / instagram
The original product always has clear lines and a dense texture.
The fringe threads on the original scarves are tightly twisted and divided among themselves. They shouldn’t unravel when you touch them.

The brand name on the label that is attached to the product must be written in capital letters. The label should also contain information about the country of origin and the materials the scarf is made of.

10. Ray-Ban sunglasses
10 Little-Known Ways to Spot Fake Designer Clothes Right Away© pinkwolfvisionary9 / reddit, © rayban / instagram
Original Ray-Ban sunglasses have no lines on their frames and are made of solid plastic. The lines on the metal frame should look neat and be almost invisible.
The manufacturer usually makes the lenses out of real glass. The list of models with plastic lenses is published on the company’s official website.
There should also be the Ray-Ban logo in the upper right corner of the right lens. It should be engraved on the surface of the lens and it can’t be erased.
There should be a brand name written on the outer part of the temples. The left temple usually has the product’s serial number, and the right one has the country of origin engraved on it.
Do you buy designer clothes or do you prefer cheaper alternatives? What is more important to you: the price of the product or its quality?