10 Examples of Double Standards That Our Society Needs To Think About

Our society has evolved a lot for the better in last 100 years, but the equality in society is something which we humans still needs to work upon. The vast array of double standards that still divide people.

The definition of double standard states that it is a rule or a principle applied to different people or groups. One of the most prominent case of double standard is on the basis of gender equality. Many things which are usually okay for men, are not acceptable when done by women. And one of the most surprising fact is that we ourselves apply those standards to the people surrounding us and don’t even notice it

Below are ten such example of double standards one can witness in our daily lives:

1. People tend to reproach “those days” whenever they see a woman in a bad mood.

2. We justify every mistake a man makes and generalize women’s mental abilities when it comes to dmall mistakes.

3. We believe it’s okay for a woman to release her stress through tears and we consider a crying man a weak.

4. “You go, girl” attitude toward curvy girls with skinny guys and accuse slim girls of being materialistic when we see them with a heavier man.

5. Body hair topic is still a heavily discussed one.

6. In fictional stories, when a man flies he’s a hero, but when a woman does that she’s a witch.

7. People relate differently to the appearance of gray hair as well.

8. Father are often praised for whatever they do for their kids, while a mother is often criticized for the same actions.

9. Different attitudes toward father and mother.

10. People relate differently to debates between men and women.